Photo by Anna Maggý

We have all felt that song that hits the perfect nerve - drawing you into an experience of beauty - of transcendence. That’s what it is to love music. And now and again, the feeling goes beyond one song - to an album, to an artist.

And sometimes it’s beyond even that. The song becomes a scene - a sustained energy anchored in place and time. Think England in the sixties, Seattle in the nineties. The same Seattle that inspired the first incarnation of this very record label.

And now is the age of Iceland.

Like the land itself, this is a music and arts scene with tectonic power, glacial depth, and stark beauty. A country with just 350,000 people holds a staggering level of talent, bursting with creativity, drive and genius.

In the summer of 2022, I found myself without a formal job for the first time in my adult life. As a serial entrepreneur, I went from one venture to the next, seldom waiting for more than a week or two before starting my next company.

But after selling my yoga and meditation company DailyOM, I had no plans for what was next. So I decided to spend a month in Iceland to get perspective on my life. The small Nordic island seemed as far away from Southern California as I could imagine.

I came to Iceland for solitude, for perspective, for quiet.

While I was there, I found community, I found inspiration, and I found music. Classical and jazz, pop and experimental, post-punk and R&B. In Iceland, the genres merge and mingle to become their own sound - their own portal.

I fell in. Hard.

I had no choice but to share these amazing sounds with the rest of the world. These are the artists that draw me in and fill me with energy. Yes, it is music. And yes, it is more - it’s a sharing, a oneness - a transcendence.

I hope you find this music as inspiring as I do.

- Scott Blum, FOUND